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LIVE FREE EDC makes Every Day Carry items for; Freedom Loving, Bacon Eating, Red Blooded American Patriots.

Faith, Family, and Freedom are ideals many of us value. Whether your faith is in God, yourself, humanity, or something else, many of us in the EDC community are driven to do good and make a positive impact on others. Live Free EDC values family and recognize that our friends are the family that we get to choose. We treasure our Freedoms, and vow to protect them from those who would seek to infringe or eliminate them. We love cold brews and Every Day Carry gear. Live Free EDC is pro gun, pro military, pro first responder and pro America.


Live Free EDC
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2 thoughts on “Live Free EDC – Roy Stockton

  1. Awesome looking products brother.
    Live Free and eat Bacon
    Rattle that!!!!

  2. Great Quality Products from an even greater Quality Gentleman.

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