Knotted Bone LeatherWorks – Colin Istvan Majtenyi & Dani Marie Járai

Knotted bone is a custom design workshop based in Milford PA, that produces quality, hand crafted leather apparel and chain-maille accessories for the modern day warrior. We believe that style and functionality must go hand in hand, which is why all of our items are made in the old world style. Simple, rugged, and built to last, each piece is meticulously cut, tooled, dyed, and assembled by hand, there is no machine stitching or stamping to be found here. Whether you are a period re-enactor looking for the perfect bracers or belt to finish your attire, or if you just love the appeal of a rustic aesthetic and want a unique bag that will make a statement, we can make that personal piece a reality. Everything from knife sheathing and quivers to gun holsters and mag pouches, as well as wallets, duty and weightlifting belts, and wrist cuffs and jewelry. Choose from any of the many items in our shop, or contact us to discuss a completely new custom creation of your own Design. don’t let mass produced fads define you…let us help make the gear that you will use to define yourself.


The tale of this company is one of personal growth and undying dedication to one’s passions. we are a team of artists whose personal aesthetic and sense of style has always leaned toward the bold and unconventional. we know we’re not the only ones, and have decided to bring that aesthetic to the public. we treat every piece we make as an individual artistic creation, in which it is our hope, will help to allow the wearer that same sense of personal expression.

for almost 10 years, we have been working to perfect our craft to be able to bring you the highest quality hand crafted leather and chain-maille goods around, Based on the ancient methods and styles of Traditional, old-world design. Much of our inspiration comes from the old norse and celtic  aesthetic, incorporating ancient tribal patterns, knot-work, and shamanic symbolism. we also like to create pieces that are less specific and stylized in a way that has a more universally rustic feel, so that they may be used in a much wider spectrum of occasions.    


Colin is the founder and a designer/craftsman of Knotted Bone Leatherworks. He has been working with leather for almost 10 years, and has been refining his craft since, specializing in garments, armor, bags and more. Inspired by Historical and fantasy period books, movies and television from a young age, he has also worked for the New York Renaissance Faire as a viking re en-actor and has traveled across the east cost of the states and as far as Iceland to vend his specific brand of wares at festivals and events.


Danielle is a designer and craftsman for Knotted bone, specializing in chain-maille jewelry and accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and chokers, earrings, hair clips, and more. She had been exposed to ancient cultures from a young age and has worked at the New York Renaissance Faire for for over 15 years. She has been working with jewelry since she was a teenager and thusly is able to work with a wide array of materials and intricate weaves, resulting in each of her creations being a unique piece of functional art.

Knotted Bone LeatherWorks
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